J-ACTINET Computational Science School 2011

The J-ACTINET Computational Science School was held in Tokyo on September 5-7, 2011. Eighteen trainees received basic training and education courses for an ab-initio and chemical thermodynamics calculations. A visit to the JAEA post irradiation examination facilities, AGF and FMF in Oarai-site, was also conducted.

Totally 11 lectures, including 2 overseas lectures from European ACTINET-I3, have been given. Some of lectures were focused on connection between the computational science and the actual experiments, while the others were those with state-of-the-art results related to the actinide science. A new user-friendly interface for the computational calculation developed for the training and education was effective as expected.

It was revealed by a questionnaire survey that the combination of the practice using PC and the facility visit were effective to make the trainees understand the computational calculation. Many trainees have mentioned that they want to study the computational science further. Sustainable improvement would be made based on the feedbacks from the participants.