ACTINET and Fostering of Human Resources

About the ACTINET and Fostering of Human Resources

To foster the next generation of experts in the European community, individual institutes cooperate and provide education including practical trainings through workshops and summer and winter schools. At universities, by taking advantage of the ACTINET system, it is possible to conduct education utilizing the most-advanced experimental facilities. In addition, one can attend lectures offered at multiple European universities. There are summer schools and other learning opportunities hosted by the ACTINET.

Summer School

The Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) and the Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA) take turns in presenting the summer school every year. The ITU deals with basic actinoide physics and chemistry as well as material science and the CTA provides education by choosing a different theme each year.


ThUL stands for the Theoretical User Lab and it is yearly hosted and offered by the ACTINETfs theoretical calculation group. Its content includes lectures on theoretical calculation techniques for actinoid studies by experts in theoretical calculations and practical trainings. Its objective is defined as facilitation of interactions among young theorists and experimental researchers in the actinoid fields and provision of opportunities for experimental researchers to handle software for theoretical calculations.